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As from 24th March in line with Government instructions we have implemented our contingency plan and all Morgan Price employees are now working from home.

We will endeavour to maintain the turnaround times listed below, BUT inevitably as we come across issues we had not envisaged, these may slip slightly. Please bear with us.

Please use email to send documents, or if you are one of our Intermediary partners you can upload documents to your portal.  This is especially important with regards to Credit Card information which should not be sent by email unless password protected or encrypted.

If your enquiry is urgent, please call us on 0044 (0)1379 646730 where one of the team will be happy to assist you. Once again, the phones are being answered from home and call forwarding is in place. This can sometimes fail, but if you leave a name, policy and telephone number (including the international dialling code) we will call you back.

All our clients and business partners are important to us and we will get back to you and answer your query as quickly as we can.

We are here to support you during this uncertain time.


Jon Carpenter ACII, Chartered

Managing Director

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page has been set up to provide information with questions or concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19).

Over the past few weeks we have received a number of similar questions regarding the Coronavirus / Covid-19 and Morgan Prices stance with regards to our clients. We thought it might be useful to distribute these questions and the current answers as a general update.  This will give an indication of how the policy will operate during this Worldwide Pandemic.

The virus Covid-19 has been determined to be a Pandemic by the WHO. This does not change our stance. The testing for and any hospital necessary isolation required after diagnosis of Covid-19 will be covered in the normal way.

Simple answer is no. Most if not all countries are not accepting medical patients who are already diagnosed with the virus. This is out of our hands and we cannot influence this decision. The best advice is to either a) self-isolate, or b) if you are in hospital – stay in that hospital until you have recovered from the virus.

If you travel against the advice of the Government in either your current country and/or the destination country, then the policy will not cover you. If the Government has not advised against such travel, then you should decide whether the travel is essential. If not then you should not go. Wilfully exposing one’s self to potential harm is a general policy exclusion so you run the risk that you may not be covered depending on circumstances.

If you are travelling home to your declared country of residence (as shown on your medical insurance policy certificate), and you are able to do so, then you will need to proceed. Once you reach your home you should self-isolate for the prescribed number of days for that country. If you are subsequently diagnosed with Covid-19 when in your country of residence (as declared on your certificate) then the policy will cover you as required.

If you travel to a country against Government advice, then the policy will not cover you. At this point governments are generally warning against all but essential travel, and you should decide if “ a holiday” during a worldwide pandemic is essential. We cannot decide that for you, but if you get quarantined once abroad, then the policy will not cover you.

Currently we are not accepting New Business applications from Italy. We will advise any further updates as and when they occur.

The answer is yes subject to the policy terms and the adherence to WHO and National Governmental rules on exposing yourself unnecessarily to the virus. See the other Questions and Answers here for further specific guidance.

Our policies do not carry a Pandemic exclusion so we would treat Covid-19 as per any other illness under the policy terms.

If you are admitted to hospital with Covid-19 and have followed all other advice and guidance, then subject to the policy terms in-patient cover is available.

See answers 9 and 10 above.

See the answer to number 2 above. The simple answer is no because most if not all countries are not accepting patients who are already infected. The policy only covers medically required evacuation.

We have no Pandemic/Epidemic exclusion on our policies so subject to the policy terms and the following of WHO and National Government advice, the policy will cover these diseases.

This will differ from country to country but the important thing to note is that for the policy to operate you must follow the current government guidelines in terms of isolation/contacting a medical professional etc and following normal claims guidelines in conjunction with this. The one thing nearly ALL countries have in common is that if you think you may have the virus you should NOT attend a clinic/hospital BEFORE you have contacted them by phone to enable them to carry out a risk assessment based on your contact, recent travel and potential exposure threat.

If you have other questions not covered above then please contact your normal Morgan Price Sales Manager, or our Customer services Team on +44(0)1379 646 730 or  and we will try and assist you.