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Morgan Price Launches Global Options

17 April 2019
Morgan Price Launches Global Options

Morgan Price are delighted to announce the launch of our new product, Global Options.

Global Options is available now in all areas except Europe, where we plan to launch later this year. It is is a corporate only product, bringing a completely tailored modular approach to the market and gives our clients a wide choice of options, allowing them to purchase a proposition which suits their needs.

A core module which covers In-Patient and Day Care treatment, along with our Full Refund on Cancer Care Promise, Medical Evacuation and Repatriation, as well as Maternity benefits, all come as standard.

Due to the product flexibility, members can opt for various optional modules which range from Out-Patient Benefits, Wellness & Dental, Optical or Psychiatric, as well as a wide range of enhancement modules which allow the increase of Chronic, Maternity and Therapy benefits. It will be available with a choice of our existing 4 areas of cover alongside our newly launched Area 5 – Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent (excluding South Africa), a new area providing additional flexibility for our members across Africa.

In Q2 2019, we will be bringing the ‘My MP’ app, allowing our members to always have their membership details with them. This will be part of a wider move to us going paperless and cutting down on costs to the environment of sending plastic cards around the world.

To find out more about Global Options and to request a quote, please contact your Business Development Manager or normal Morgan Price contact.