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New Head Office for Morgan Price International

04 August 2017
New Morgan Price Office

Morgan Price International Healthcare Limited moved into a new head office on 1st August 2017. The new office has over 4,500 square feet of space (3 times the previous office size) and amongst other things, has allowed Morgan Price International to take on its own claims handling from 1st January 2018.

“We are expanding rapidly and needed additional room to grow existing functions but also to house our new claims team ready for 1st January 2018. This office location is perfect for attracting new staff, and to meet our requirements over the next few years” says Jon Carpenter, founder and Managing Director.

The office move also sees the homecoming for most of the senior managers who all went to the local high school in Wymondham. “It’s a bit like coming home. Myself, my General Manager, my Head of Finance and my Head of IT all hail from the local area and went to school here” said Carpenter. “We are looking forward to getting involved in the local community for many years to come”.